About Us


Founded in 1998, Stokes School has been a leader in education innovation in the District of Columbia for over a decade. Our mission is to prepare culturally diverse elementary school students to be leaders, scholars, and responsible citizens who are committed to social justice. Stokes School teaches students to think, speak, read, write, and learn in two languages:  English and French and English and Spanish.  With a dual focus on academic excellence and community service, Stokes School accomplishes this mission by creating an environment of achievement, respect, and non-violence.



Our Goals:


Stokes School strives to help all children achieve at their highest capacity in academics.  Learning in an environment that cultivates excellence, Stokes School graduates are well equipped for the next level in their academic journey. 


Stokes School teaches students to think, read, write, and learn in either English and Spanish or English and French.


Stokes School involves students in active local and global community service and prepares them for responsible citizenship in a multicultural society.


Stokes School aims to increase students' knowledge of and respect for their own cultures and the cultures of others. 


Stokes School approaches each student as a whole child.  We provide knowledge, resources, and skills to support students' emotional, physical, and cognitive development and well-being.